Professional Services


◘ Specializing in detailed lameness exams and improved treatment options especially as it relates to performance /sport horses.

◘ Regenerative Medicine including  IRAP, PRP, Stem Cell therapy.

◘ Equine Chiropractic

◘ NeedleView arthroscope for joint evaluations in the standing horse.

◘ PulseVet shockwave therapy for bone and soft tissue injuries. 

◘ Class IV K-Laser therapy available for a wide range of aliments including wound healing, tendonitis, arthritis, and muscle soreness/fatigue/injury. 

◘ Digital Radiographs (X-Ray) and Digital ultrasound with instant on site  results.

◘ Pre-purchase exams including lameness, endoscopic, and opthalmic exams.

◘ Endoscopy available for upper respiratory and guttural pouch conditions.

◘ In-house reference quality hematology laboratory with same day results.